The evacuating channel for new water feeder conduit, built as Project Sambizanga. Digitized colour slide.
Elderly woman standing in front of a strengthened house as part of DW's Typhoon Damage Prevention Programme. Digitized colour photograph.
Puppet show, part of DW's Typhoon Damage Prevention Programme. Digitized colour photorgraph.
Constructing vaults as part of the AA III World Group Study Trip 1973 in Old and New Gourna. Digitized colour photograph.
Sao Paolo Refugee Camp Health Promotion. Digitized colour photograph.
Woodless construction masons and women potters in front of kiln and products. Digitized colour photograph.
Cutting limestone in Salalah. Digitized 35 mm colour slides.
Constructing a frame for a roof. Digitized 35 mm colour slide.
Building a truss for a kindergarten as part of the Iran Selseleh Integrated Development Project (SIDP). Digitized 35 mm colour slide.
Latrine construction workshop. Digitized black and white photograph.

Development Workshop Digital Archive

Development Workshop (DW) is a non-government organisation that works to develop policies and programs for human settlements and self-help housing guided by indigenous practices and local knowledge. The Development Workshop Digital Archive exists in order to preserve the legacy of DW’s work spanning over the decades since the early 1970s and more than 30 countries. DW wishes to contribute its research and experience freely with stakeholders, other organizations, the global academic community and the general public. The Digital Archive currently contains digitized slides, photographs, documents, cartographic material and video files dating from the 1960s and is being updated continuously with archived and newly developed information. Visit our Search The Archive page to browse by subject, region, date, material and other filters.