Allan Cain is one of the three founding directors of Development Workshop and a Visiting Professor at the School for International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. He is an architect, specialist in project management, participatory planning, sustainable urban development... Read More
Dr. David Strangway (1932-2016) joined Development Workshop’s board of directors in 1997 providing our Non Governmental Organisation with wise guidance on advice on developing our research and development project capacity. He visited Angola regularly on the invitation of the Angolan and Canadian... Read More
Dr. Farokh Afshar (1947-2007) was one of the three co-founders of Development Workshop in 1973. DW was born in one of those turbulent times of the student movement and the rise of Third World rejection of earlier developmentalist models. We were fortunate enough to work with Hassan Fathy the guru... Read More
For the founder members of Development Workshop, as young architectural students concerned with problems of poverty, a study trip in 1973 to Egypt gave us the opportunity to meet and subsequently to work with Hassan Fathy (1900-1989), in Egypt, and in the Lebanon and Oman. Known to us by his... Read More
John Norton is one of three founding members of Development Workshop. After studying for three years at Portsmouth School of Architecture (UK), John Norton transferred to the Architectural Association (AA) in London, where he was awarded a Diploma of Architecture/RIBA II in 1975. The move to the AA... Read More
Development Workshop worked with Dr. Majid Rahnema (1924–2015) on the transformation of his ideas into practice in the Seheleh Integrated Development Project in Luristan Iran in the 1970s. Dr. Rahnema, born in Tehran, was a globally respected educationalist and theoretician promoting the concept of... Read More
Maribel Gonzales (1953-2015) worked for more than 25 years with Development Workshop, and for five years as DW Canada’s executive director. Maribel grew up on the campus of a university in Manila as the daughter of a professor and was involved as a student activist in defending the rights of... Read More
Paul Oliver (1927-2017) was a man of many interests and talents, an architectural historian and one of the world’s leading scholars of vernacular architecture, editing amongst his many publications the “Encyclopaedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World” (EVAW), now 20 years later in preparation... Read More